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ake - 11/12/2000  
uxmal - 11/5/2000  
telchac - 10/28/2000   weekend trip to an all-inclusive resort, the reef club, with cousin pedro and his family. this happened just 4 days after tessa broke her collar-bone. it didn't stop her from having fun. the resort is right on the telchac beach, about 1 hr. northeast from m�rida. on the way to telchac we visited some mayan ruins called x'cambo. this is a relatively small place, compared with uxmal, mayapan, etc., but well preserved. mosquitos had a feast with us. they seem to like "foreign" blood.   (more ...)
dzibilchaltun - 10/22/2000   the closest mayan site to m�rida, about 10-15 minutes from our house. we went there with cousin javier and cousin pedro and his family. highlights were the seven dolls temple and xlacah, an open cenote where we swam.
dzitia - 10/21/2000   this is a town 15 min. north of merida. their main activities are stone carving and woodwork. there are couple of cenotes nearby; one completely poluted by a "pig factory," but the other clean and "undiscovered."
dzoyatch� - 10/16/2000   part of the cuxtal reserve, dzoyatch� is an old hacienda. within the hacienda there is an underground cenote that has seashell fossils. the cenote is not open for swimming, but the hacienda has two pools. there is also a playground with climbing structures.
chochol� - 10/14/2000   this was our first real outing. chochol� is a small town south of m�rida. it has a great cenote. cenotes are fresh water pools, either underground, open or partially covered by sand stone. this one was completely underground; a small climb down a ladder and then into the pool.   (more ...)